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Brass Tube

Brass tube is used for a variety of industries; including aerospace, power generation and automotive sectors. Brass tube is anti-corrosive, easy-to-work and has properties ideal for water supply and plumbing components whilst its excellent visual appearance makes it a popular choice in areas such as interior design, architecture, public art and even musical instruments.

At ACA we produce straight drawn seamless brass tubes as well as brass tube components. All of our drawn brass tubes are manufactured, cleaned and supplied to BS 2871 standard. We also manufacture to the most popular specifications in Europe and America such as CZ108 (Common Brass) CZ126 (Arsenic Brass), CW707R, C44500, CuZn30as. These designations are most commonly used within the Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Ship building industries.

CZ108 (Common Brass) can be used for a wide variety of engineering (heat exchanger tubing) and decorative applications (furniture, lighting fittings and ornamental items). CZ108 (Common Brass) has ductility for cold forming and can be readily joined by soft or hard soldering.

CZ126 (70/30 brass tube). The 70/30 brass tube has a higher strength than CZ108 (Common Brass) which makes it ideal for heat exchanger tube. Heat exchanger tubeneeds to contain properties that allow for expanding, bulging, flanging, or spinning. 70/30 brass tube can be readily soft or hard soldered.

CZ110 (Aluminium Brass Tube). Has been designed to work in all marine environments and is generally specified for the manufacture of ships condensers, oil coolers, and other heat exchangers.

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