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Strip & Foil

Copper Alloy strip and foils are widely used in many different types of manufacturing processes. The product allows for manufacturers to either develop continuous press runs or stamping or easier manipulation of the material for processes such as transformer winding.

Amari Copper Alloys speciality is Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminium and High performance alloys.

Through this partnership Amari offers an unrivalled range of alloys, widths and thicknesses with a flexible customer led approach to supply.

With ACA being accredited by a BSI approved 9001 quality management system and the Eredi Gnutti group being accredited to 9001, 9002 and ISO14001. We operate a quality management system to ensure customers receive excellent quality and service.

ACA can offer:

  • Thicknesses: 0.025mm – 5mm
  • Widths: 2mm – 1000mm
  • Coil I/D: 3” to 16”
  • Coil Centres: Cardboard, Metal and Plastic


Copper Strip & Foil

Due to its excellent electrical and thermal conductive properties along with excellent forming capabilities as well as high levels of corrosion resistance; Copper is the ideal material to use when manufacturing electronic products or heating products. For more information on Copper Strip & Foil.


Brass Strip & Foil

Copper alloy brass is used in a variety of applications. Brass has exceptional corrosion resistance properties whilst also maintaining substantial electrical and thermal conductive properties due to its Copper base. For more information on Brass Strip & Foil.


Bronze Strip & Foil

Phosphor Bronze strip in coil is the most widely selected alloy for pressed electrical components. For more information on Bronze Strip & Foil.


Aluminium Strip & Foil

Our aluminium strip products are available in a wide range of alloys and thicknesses from 0.05mm up to 2mm. Used mainly for containers, aluminium strips are also used for industrial applications (roofing, heat exchanger, flexible tubes). For more information on Aluminium Strip & Foil.


High performance Alloy Strip & Foil

Some alloys have been developed in order to enhance their mechanical properties to produce a material that is mechanically and chemically better suited for its application or in order to harness Copper’s excellent electro-conductivity sustaining these enhancements even in harsh environments. For more information on High performance Alloys.



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